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Reitsport Protektoren

Back protectors & more for riding

Where is the happiness of the earth famously located? Right – on the back of horses. Most riders would probably agree with that. However, equestrian sports should not only bring joy but also ensure safety. That's exactly why we have designed unique protectors for women and men that are lightweight, flexible, stylish, and still provide protection. Our range includes modern sweaters and sleeveless vests with integrated back protectors, as well as particularly sturdy protector vests that not only protect the back but also ribs and soft tissues. Our riding protector vests for women and men, offering 360-degree all-around protection, are particularly popular, being lightweight and extremely flexible. In addition to the helmet, which should be mandatory for every ride, we strongly recommend one of our riding protectors that can protect you from serious injuries in the event of a fall from the horse. Browse through our products and make your riding experiences a little safer!