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Peak Hunter JR PL

Robust aluminium pole for teens that grow with them. Easy to adjust in length with our rigid powerlock adjusting system.
Product number: K1642313-10-Tele
3 Year Service

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Peak Hunter JR PL
Sizes weight: 218g
packed size: 74cm
adjustable from 90-125cm
  • Tour Cork grip with Komperdell logo
  • system strap
  • 2-sections: aluminium 7075-T6, ∅ 16/4mm
  • Powerlock 3.0 - our strongest lock made of forged aluminium
  • vario baskets - easy and quick to change, ideal for switching summer and winter baskets
FAQ "Peak Hunter JR PL"
System strap
Power lock closure
Storage power lock closure
Readjustment of the power lock
Telescope pole
Variable plate
Exchange tip
Care Instruction

Dry and clean your poles after usage. Always store your telescopic poles in the non-fixed setting! Never use lubricants on or in the shaft or on the locking system! Attention:
Do not use pole if extended beyond the maximum length mark.

Size guide "Peak Hunter JR PL"

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