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Back protectors for skiers and snowboarders

The sun is shining, the air is fresh and cold, and the snow glitters - it’s the perfect start into a fantastic day on the slopes. And the ideal conditions for a ski race. But it's not just the external conditions like the weather and snow that are important; it’s also crucial to have the right equipment. Of course, this means skis and racing poles, but also the racing suit. All of our racing suits for men, women and children have integrated back protectors as well as protective areas on the upper and lower arms, thighs and knees. Safety should always be the top priority in racing. But our range also includes the perfect products for amateur skiers, who don’t intend to be flying downhill in a racing suit. We have everything from long-sleeved shirts with integrated protection for the entire upper body, to ultra-lightweight and flexible safety vests with 360 degree all-round protection, to knee, elbow and back protectors. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure: Your new ski protectors have been developed with plenty of passion and experience.