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Walking Staff FXP

The Walking Staff with its ergonomically shaped cork grip is  the perfect walking aid. The pole deploys completely on its own and can be easily stowed away when not in use due to its small packed size of only 36cm.
Product number: K1962304-10-85
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Walking Staff FXP
Sizes packed size: 36cm
available in 85-105cm 
(in 10cm steps)
  • cork walker grip - ideal walking aid
  • walker strap - easy to adjust
  • 3-sections: carbon composite, ∅ 16/9mm
  • FXP folding mechanism - the first and only self-deploying mechanism with a solid connection between the individual segments, a mechanical connection and 30% less weight
FAQ "Walking Staff FXP"
System strap
Care Instruction

Dry and clean your poles after usage. Always store your telescopic poles in the non-fixed setting! Never use lubricants on or in the shaft or on the locking system! Attention:
Do not use pole if extended beyond the maximum length mark.

Size guide "Walking Staff FXP"
Height Length of pole
100 cm 70 cm
105 cm 75 cm
110 cm 80 cm
115 cm 80 cm
120 cm 85 cm
125 cm 90 cm
130 cm 90 cm
135 cm 95 cm
140 cm 95 cm
145 cm 100 cm
150 cm 105 cm
155 cm 105 cm
160 cm 110 cm
165 cm 115 cm
170 cm 120 cm
175 cm 120 cm
180 cm 125 cm
185 cm 130 cm
190 cm 130 cm
195 cm 135 cm
200 cm 140 cm